IQAC / NAAC (2017 to Till Now)

S.No. Session Title Download
12019-20Student's Satisfactory Survey 2019- 20Click Here
22019-20Alumni Feedback Form , 2019- 20Click Here
32019-20Teacher's Feedback Form 2019-20Click Here
42019-20Parent's Feed Back Form 2019-20Click Here
52019-20Student's Feed Back Form 2019-20Click Here
62019-20Student Feedback FormClick Here
72019-20Parents Feed BackClick Here
82022-23Annual Function and Prize Distribution CeremonyClick Here
92021-22Annual Function and Prize Distribution CeremonyClick Here
102020-21Annual Function and Prize Distribution CeremonyClick Here
112019-20Annual Function and Prize Distribution CeremonyClick Here
122018-19Annual Function and Prize Distribution CeremonyClick Here
132019-20Budget Office 2019-20Click Here
142018-19Budget Office 2018-19Click Here
152022-23Library Detail NAAC 2022-23Click Here
162021-22Library Detail NAAC 2021-22Click Here
172020-21Library Detail NAAC 2020-21Click Here
182019-20Library Detail NAAC 2019-20Click Here
192018-19Library Detail NAAC 2018-19Click Here
202018-19Student Satisfaction Survey ReportClick Here
212018-19Data analysis and representation of students surveyClick Here
222022-23BUDGET 2022-23Click Here
232021-22BUDGET 2021-22Click Here
242020-21BUDGET 2020-21Click Here
252019-20BUDGET 2019-20Click Here
262018-19BUDGET 2018-19Click Here
272018-19Parent's Feedback Report 2018-19Click Here
282018-19Alumni Feedback Report 2018-19Click Here
292018-19Teacher's Feedback Report 2018-19Click Here
302018-19Student's Feedback Report 2018-19Click Here
312020-21Youth Redcross Society 2020-21Click Here
322019-20Youth Redcross Society 2019-20Click Here
332018-19Youth Redcross Society 2018-19Click Here
342018-19Alumni Feedback Form 18-19Click Here
352018-19Parents Feedback 18-19Click Here
362018-19Student Feedback 18-19Click Here
372022-23Academic Calendar 2022-23Click Here
382021-22Academic Calendar 2021-22Click Here
392020-21Academic Calendar 2020-21Click Here
402019-20Academic Calendar 2019-20Click Here
412018-19Academic Calendar 2018-19Click Here
422022-23Rangers Shivir 2022-23Click Here
432021-22Rangers Shivir 2021-22Click Here
442020-21Rangers Shivir 2020-21Click Here
452018-19Rangers Shivir 2018-19Click Here
462016-17Rangers Shivir 2016-17Click Here
472022-23NSS Annual Report 2022-23Click Here
482021-22NSS Annual Report 2021-22Click Here
492020-21NSS Annual Report 2020-21Click Here
502019-20NSS Annual Report 2019-20Click Here
512022-23Sports 2022-23Click Here
522021-22Sports 2021-22Click Here
532020-21Sports 2020-21Click Here
542019-20Sports 2019-20Click Here
552018-19Rangers Camp 2018-19Click Here
562018-19NSS Annual Report 2018-19Click Here
572018-19Cultural Report 2018-19Click Here
582018-19Annual report 2018-19 part 2Click Here
592023-24National Nutrition Week 2023-24Click Here
602020-21National Nutrition Week 2020-21Click Here
612021-22National Nutrition Week 2021-22Click Here
622022-23Step Up for Breast feeding Education and SupportClick Here
632023-24Nutrition Week 2023-24Click Here
642021-22Nutrition Week 2021-22Click Here
652023-24RUSA BUDGET 2023-24Click Here
662022-23RUSA BUDGET 2022-23Click Here
672021-22RUSA BUDGET 2021-22Click Here
682019-20RUSA BUDGET 2019-20Click Here
692018-19RUSA BUDGET 2018-19Click Here
702022-23Library Detail IQAR 2022-23Click Here
712021-22Library Detail IQAR 2021-22Click Here
722020-21Library Detail IQAR 2020-21Click Here
732018-19Library Detail IQAR 2018-19Click Here
742019-20Library Detail IQAR 2019-20Click Here
752020-21Youth Redcross Society 2020-21Click Here
762019-20Youth Redcross Society 2019-20Click Here
772018-19Youth Redcross Society 2018-19Click Here
782018-19Sports 2018-19Click Here
792021-22AISHE Teaching Staff Details 2021-22Click Here
802021-22AISHE REPORT SESSION 2021-22Click Here
812021-22AISHE CERTIFICATE SESSION 2021-22Click Here
822020-21AISHE Teaching Staff Details 2020-21Click Here
832020-21AISHE REPORT SESSION 2020-21Click Here
842020-21AISHE CERTIFICATE SESSION 2020-21Click Here
852019-20AISHE REPORT SESSION 2019-20Click Here
862019-20AISHE CERTIFICATE SESSION 2019-20Click Here
872018-19AISHE REPORT SESSION 2018-19Click Here
882018-19AISHE CERTIFICATE SESSION 2018-19Click Here
892017-18AISHE REPORT SESSION 2017-18Click Here
902017-18AISHE CERTIFICATE SESSION 2017-18Click Here

IQAC (2016-18)

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